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weekend women's retreat

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Donnamarie Jurick

The Flow Mindset Specialist

This is an unparalleled opportunity to find out how to get on your game, especially when it counts the most. You know — your inner space where you channel your spontaneous brilliance and your optimal creativity and performance happen! 

Some people call these experiences being in The Zone, they're also called Flow State experiences.  

The Flow experience is the alignment of your awareness, intellect, body, emotional and soul intelligence. 

you know It feels divinely magical.

Do creative or stage blocks get in your way? 

Do you wish you had an effective way to get back on your game or be more productive in less time? 

come and discover Your flow magic key

It's your direct access pass to your magical Flow state where you do your best work


the flow POWER now retreat will enable you to: 

  • Get into your desired Flow State on demand
  • Optimize your creativity and performance experiences 
  • Mitigate creative and performance blocks
  • Build consistency in getting on your game to do it in seconds when it counts the most
  • Heighten your awareness to leverage your energy, genius and time 
  • Possibly meet your next joint venture partner

This will be a PowerPoint free zone. We will be developing your flow state skills in a collaborative learning environment with: storytelling, improv theatre tactics, visualization, art, moving meditation, energy body breathing, and Flow State Mapping™  — one of the cornerstones of my signature Mindsets On Demand™ training.



When: Wednesday, June 21 - Friday, June 23, 2017

Where: Xenia Creative Development Centre, Bowen Island

Xenia is a 32 acre mystical sanctuary where you'll be immersed in west coast nature on an exclusive gulf island  — a 20 minute ferry ride from West Vancouver, BC. We've arranged for transportation to Xenia for everyone arriving on the 2:25 pm ferry from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal on June 21st. You don't need your vehicle to get here.


    • $695 CAD (early bird booking before May 19th)
    • $895 CAD (May 20 - June 14)
    • $1,095 CAD (June 15 - June 20)

    Includes: 2 nights accommodation, 6 delicious vegetarian meals made in foodie heaven, Flow Power Now program and materials. Shared accommodations are an eclectic mix of yurts and cabins with one room in the lodge.

    Program starts with dinner at 6 pm on Wednesday and concludes at 2 pm on Friday. Transportation from Xenia to the 3 pm Bowen ferry is provided.

    Check out the retreat itinerary details here. (coming soon)

      Iconic local events and activities to consider after the retreat:

      • The 2017 Vancouver International Jazz Festival is June 22 - July 2
      • The 2017 Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival is June 23 - 25
      • The world class outdoor adventure mecca of Whistler is only an hour drive from Horseshoe Bay 


      Donnamarie Jurick

      The Flow Mindset Specialist


      Donnamarie  has cracked the code of a human potential and performance catalyst – to play at the top of our game. Exploring her potentials into death defying moments as an Action Adventure Athlete in the wilderness gave her the awareness, kinesthetic and emotional acuity to distill the pure essence of mindsets, and achieve Flow states in the blink of an eye.

      She believes the beauty in what we love is how we feel and when we feel on our game – in the zone, in our Flow States – we feel magically alive. Her Mindsets On Demand™ Training is for using our Flow to deepen our happiness, play a bigger game and amplify our impact.

      For more info on Donnamarie, see her Press and Full Bio  or her PowHerhouse Profile.

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