flow power now:


1 DAY live event for

Performance & Creative Driven Entrepreneurs

who are:

speaking, writing, Designing, teaching, 

in their business. 

This is an unparalleled opportunity to experience how to get on your game, especially when it counts the most. Get direct access to your inner space where you channel spontaneous brilliance and your optimal creativity and performance happen! 

Some people call these experiences being in The Zone, they're also called Flow State experiences.  

Flow states are embodied states of optimal experience, consciousness and performance.  

they guarantee peak experiences because they infuse us with the most powerful mood and performance enhancers our bodies make.

Do creative or stage blocks get in your way? 

Do you wish you had an immediate way to get back on your game or be more productive in less time? 

come and discover your direct access pass to your magical Flow state where you do your best work

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This experiential workshop will enable you to

Get into your desired Best Work Flow State on demand

so you can

  • Optimize your creativity and performance experiences 
  • Mitigate creative and performance blocks
  • Build consistency in getting on your game in seconds when it counts the most
  • Heighten your awareness to leverage your genius, energy and time 

We will be developing your flow state skills in a collaborative learning environment with: storytelling, improv theatre tactics, visualization, moving meditation, energy body breathing, and Flow State Mapping™  — one of the cornerstones of my signature Mindsets On Demand™ training.



When: November 4, 2017

Where: Opus hOtel, 322 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC 

    More details coming soon. 

    Space is limited to a small group for optimizing collaborative learning, connection, personal growth, AHAs and impact. 

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