Grounding in Change

This time of year is usually very introspective for me, being a strong Scorpio born on a full moon with an 11/11 this will be a bit of an introspective post.

We just experienced a Supermoon and Melanie's take on this Super Moon is incredible — she reads a Voyager Tarot reading into it and touches on the global Scorpio energy playing out in the US election. I’m including a link to her post in the notes below.  Her astrology work is uniquely brilliant. She teaches you about the energy of your astro influences experientially — by embodying the planetary energies — like I teach experientially about Flow mindsetting.

Finding out about your astro archetypes is really empowering because it’s a map of your natural strengths, trends and balance points on a cosmic level. Tuning into your natural rhythms helps infuse more Flow into your life, and since I'm a beginner in astrology, I'm excited about tuning into the wisdom of these archetype levels more.  

On embodying mindsets and embodying freedom

The Full moon in Taurus during Scorpio — is my full moon...the one I was born under. I’ve discovered how the delicious Taurus moon grounds my otherwise deep and fluid nature. With an unusually high amount of water in my chart — I’m used to operating from core feelings and intense awarenesses; and generally a little obsessed with seeing the unseen. I’m understanding more and more why I’ve been called to do the mindset alchemy work I do. Mindsets are like surfboards...they allow you to catch waves of opportunity and stay balanced while skillfully navigating challenge and change. The pure energy of the Taurus Moon in Scorpio is also defined in The Rejoicer card, as Melanie channels:

Balancing all that depth and surf with embodied enjoyment, and finding worth and value in the joy of being, liberated from being occupied with (and by!) the ups and downs of mental-emotional waves and (under) currents.

Being able to be grounded in change is liberating. Embodying the right kind of mindsets is key to being grounded in change and enjoying the ride. 

Grounding in Changing Times — Changing Your Ground

Grounding in change sometimes means changing your ground and incorporating different aspects of grounding. When you are one with your surfboard/mindsets you are grounded too. Grounded doesn't have to mean stable or fixed — although feet in warm sand is my favorite solid grounding feeling.

Often grounding for me is a feeling of fluid centeredness —  balancing in motion. The feeling of being grounded is a physical sensation and energetic imprint and can vary depending on the situation. Your optimum feeling of groundedness depends on the context you need it for. When I’m working with clients, part of the mindsetting process involves being aware of the groundedness of the mindset we’re working on, and it’s amazing what they discover...fascinatingly unique ‘surfaces’, colors, sounds, etc.

Two more aspects of groundedness are: 

  • Your awareness about your sense of balanced alignment above and below’s your sense of connection to yourself and the being aware of how you’re physically positioned on your vertical axis. Being in a grounded, balanced posture helps you intuitively internalize your strengths.
  • Your self beliefs — How strong are your truths about you? How grounded are you in your convictions...about what you stand for about yourself and others? How do you feel about what you can do now to create the results you want?

Leveraging Grounding with Accomplishments

A wonderful way to leverage your grounding power is in your experience of accomplishment. It’s important to set yourself up for wins and celebrate them. Choose ways to do this that are intuitively FUN, make your body feel good and take little time. Then when you've done them your results — bask in your glory...take in how good it feels through all your senses that are activated and notice how you're grounded in your accomplishment. 

This summer I did a spontaneous personal 11 day challenge of swimming a minimum of 1000 metres/day in the lake. I've had summer routines before of swimming a few kilometers a week outdoors but this was the first consecutive series. I celebrated this supermoon and my birthday by accomplishing a first time ever mission — swimming a pool length (25 metres) underwater with one breath. I've practiced underwater breathing in the ocean as a beginner freediver but when I got into the pool, getting to the other end eluded me...I'd only get 60% of the way.

On my birthday just ahead of the supermoon, I decided I was going to breakthrough and get the other 40% all at once and I did it on the 4th attempt at the 750 metre mark of my workout. I was so over the moon with the way I dove into that flow state full on and my staying power....I gave myself a BIRTHDAY MERMAID BADGE...and went out with friends for more celebration.  

Now when I notice I'm feeling like my wheels are spinning but I'm going nowhere — I have a new grounded zone to call on, which showed up as fluid - focused - sequoia - strong. The 'sequoia' aspect is from a shamanic meditation I do which involves experiencing your energy body like the size of the tallest trees on earth — the Sequoia Redwood — and I embodied this into my mermaid flow mindset to score my own record breaking win. 

I invite you to explore your grounding acuity. With the influx of the divine feminine energy, we’ve got new paradigms emerging and being grounded amidst change is the new norm. Pay attention to the ways you feel grounded and create new grounding experiences — wins. There's so many ways to make fun, body happy wins... through sports or fitness, culinary creativity, art, music, innovative building or design projects, fibre arts crafting...keep it simple and doable in a matter of hours. Do activities that speak to your they become ways you take time for yourself...grounding in self care and appreciation. I’d love to hear about what you come up with and invite you to share in the comments.


Resources: Melanie’s Astro Weather & Astro Medicine News

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