Flow State & mindset training unlike anything else

do YOU:

  • have a calling to do something extraordinary – are you working on a project, business or a mission that matters?

  • want to grow your business, improve results or bring your vision to the world but need to find the time, energy and laser focus?

  • wish you could easily step out of comfort zones into invincibility zones above overwhelm, fear and distractions?

  • crave a work-life balance with way more fun, adventure and relaxation?

  • feel a compelling desire to up your inner game of leadership, creativity, or performance – or turn mission impossibles into missions accomplished?

Mindsets on Demand™ training is about getting your Flow States and Mindsets That Matter on demand.


Mindsets on Demand™ training is a zero-fluff, on-the-spot shift in your bodymind communication system. Sometimes clients are exhilarated with an exciting expansion and others dip into a deliciously peaceful place.

Once you know how to make these vibrational shifts happen — your brain, body, and consciousness (a.k.a. your bodymind) begins the rapid rewiring of pathways so you can be on your game, in your zone — in the sacred connection of FLOW.

Many people don't know exactly how they get into Flow States or don't have a reliable way to get into them whenever they want.


are embodied states of ultimate experience, consciousness, creativity and performance.
It's also known as being In The Zone.
All great work and top performances come from being in flow states.
They guarantee peak experiences because they infuse us with the most powerful mood and performance enhancers our bodies make.


are actionable results oriented mindsets aligned with your deepest desires and highest intentions. The MTM framework is what I’ve used to survive death defying moments and save lives. 

Getting into a Flow State doesn’t happen naturally.
It requires the right kind of mindsets at the right time with the right energy blueprint.
That’s why Mindsets On Demand™ is about making and embodying Mindsets That Matter™ On Demand.

Mindsets On Demand™ Training is unparalleled in delivering these skills in a highly focused and accelerated experiential learning format – to be used in seconds when it counts the most.

My mindset shift with Donnamarie’s Flow approach was purely amazing. Now I know how to transform the intangible into doable. The things that were holding me back aren’t there anymore. I feel like I’ve got an unshakable and inspiring platform with the elevated clarity and focus I need to bring my vision to fruition.
— Nura Hagi-Nur, Co-Founder of Somaliland Educational Trust and CALL Academy, Hargeisa, Somaliland
Donnamarie’s process is revolutionary. Finding the key to my creative process is a remarkable gift and it’s having a lasting effect on both my work and life.
Its also opened up other avenues of my creative process and I no longer work from the place of being on task because now I can tune into my true inspiration - Flow.
— Hazel C. Bissky, BGS., Writer and Life Coach, Vancouver Canada

mindsets On Demand™ Training options

We can also customize a Mindset Training program for you.

Donnamarie, thank you so much for this wonderful mindset experience. The techniques you used were very effective at guiding me to engage with my higher self. You made it easy to go through the process and get results from it. The whole process gave me insights into my power to activate more of my potential whenever I choose.
— John Shoemaker, Spiritual Mentor and Personal Development Coach, New York



How long do sessions last? . . .

Training sessions vary depending on the program, 2 hours is the maximum and most are between 1-2 hours. For example, The 3.5 hour Pathfinder training is 3 sessions: 1 x 1.25 hours, 1 x 1.75 hours and 1 x 30 minutes.

How are sessions conducted and what's involved? . . .

All trainings and integration calls are held on the Zoom platform and are recorded. These are treated as confidential by me, and shared with no one, unless written permission is granted from the client. I'll be happy to give you the detailed comparison of the training packages when we chat.

What will happen after a session? . . .

All training sessions involve a flow of feedback between clients and myself to integrate the ahas, learnings and experiences. This is done via integration calls and email with the exception of the stand alone Navigator session where integrative follow up and feedback is via email only.

Is Mindset On Demand training like hypnosis? . . .

There’s a variety of definitions of hypnosis around, many of them trend towards this first one: Merriam-Webster.com: “a trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject” Using definitions like this, my answer is: No.

If we use this definition on wikipedia: “Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion” - my answer is a partial yes.

Since Flow mindsets are an inside job, Mindsets On Demand™ Training improves clients’ abilities to internally focus their attention and reduce peripheral awareness. These are essential skills for getting into optimal mindsets - Flow states. Focused attention on what’s going on inside you, requires you give up noticing your external environment for those moments, like what colour shoes you're wearing and what people are talking about in the next room. As for “enhanced capacity for response to suggestion” during your mindset training, it’s best if you have an open mind and know that I hold the highest and best outcome for you. The insights and suggestions I have are meant to support you in meeting or exceeding your expectation of your Mindsets On Demand experiences. I've studied the work of the late Dr. Milton Erickson, the pre-eminent psychiatrist/hypnotherapist, and hold a Hypnosis Course Certificaton based on his work.

What is your background? . . .

Exploring my potentials into death defying moments as a competitive, action-adventure athlete in the Yukon wilderness for over 10 years gave me the gift of distilling the pure essence of mindsets. After countless thousands of hours of embodying the right kind of mindsets at the right time — I have the awareness, kinesthetic and emotional acuity needed get into Flow States on demand. On the formal side of things, I’m a certified Trainers’ Trainer and Adult Educator, charter member of the Institute for Performance and Learning, and a Master NLP Practitioner. In addition to a BA in developmental psychology, I’ve received top notch training in bodymind healing through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. I’ve worked in business, community development, education, the arts, and sports. For more info, please see the Meet Me page.

Will this work for me? . . .

If you believe a significant experience or extraordinary transformation that produces lasting change takes time and is a long drawn out process, then you’re in the wrong place.
If you believe a significant experience or extraordinary transformation that produces lasting change can happen in mere moments, come closer.
If you found out there's a way to get on your game, in your zone, into your Flow states and create news ones - on demand...and think you’ve hit the jack pot - you’re in the right place, come on in.
Please note that Mindsets On Demand training is for professional and personal development and not in any way to be construed as, or a replacement for, psychotherapy, legal counsel, or medical advice. You are responsible for your own decisions and results.

Do you offer payment plans? . . .

For both the Navigator and Pathfinder training, full payment is required in advance of the training or any pre-work. Payment plans for the Adventurer and Summiteer training are available.

Are you available to facilitate Mindset On Demand training to groups (i.e. sports teams, company Professional Development, or personal transformation retreats? . . .

Yes! Absolutely. To learn more about my speaking and workshop facilitation services visit my contact page and schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your event so I can create a custom quote for you.

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