The Get Pregnant Mindset Training

~Beta program~


Are you worried you've got some underlying stress or that you might not be able to conceive?

If you Have been struggling with anxiety and losing optimism you may be interested to know...

The first time a client did a Mindsets On Demand™ training to help her get pregnant...she found out it works.


Anita's Story

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My partner Ronny and I have been together for 7 years and wanting to have a baby for 5 of them. Our 2 children are from a previous relationship of mine, and we deeply desire to have one together too. We have been doing IVF for 4 years to bring a new baby love into our family.

After doing a Mindsets On Demand Training with Donnamarie for my professional work — and seeing the results I was getting from that — I thought it would be even more amazing if I did another one to make sure I had the right pregnancy mindset.

Going through IVF has been quite the journey and I felt I had to follow my intuitive lead on this and do everything in my power to conceive. After this Get Pregnant Mindset Training our dream came true! I got pregnant and our baby is due February 2017!

You are invited to apply for the Get Pregnant Mindset Training Beta Program If you are:

  • Between the ages of 25 – 40
  • In a committed relationship
  • Going through IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)
  • Have had children (10 women) or have not (10 women)
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How it Works

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The Get Pregnant Mindset Training consists of one Mindsets on Demand™ Training. It is equivalent to the Pathfinder Mindset Training package. We will work together for 3.5 hours via the Zoom platform over one week. First we meet to create your Mindset That Matters™ — your Get Pregnant Mindset.

Three days later we do your Mindset Mapping™ and Embodied Mindset™, plus the other advanced emotional and soul intelligence elements — Soul Truth Integration™ and Zero Resistance Mindsetting™. You also receive an integration follow up.

You can find out more about the Pathfinder Mindset Training here.

Sign up for your Get Pregnant Mindset Now

This program is for 20 women who have an IVF treatment scheduled March through April 2017. Your 1:1 training involves meeting 3 times within one week — about 1 week in advance of your IVF appointment.

One of its most powerful elements is how it integrates your emotional and soul intelligence... experiencing how to transform doubts into inspiration and true confidence. When you embody your core desired feelings and your why in a results oriented framework— what you truly want comes closer.

The purpose of this training is to help you conceive as soon as possible — and shorten your IVF journey.

Apply now to make sure you get your preferred training week booked before your clinic visit.

Special New Year Offer

The first 10 training spaces are AVAILABLE AT $550 — 2 payments of $275. thIS special pricing expires on January 31st or after the first 10 bookings.

After this special pricing, the investment for The Get Pregnant Mindset Training Beta Program is $700 — 2 payments of $350. (The equivalent Pathfinder Program is $1100).

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