Donnamarie, you’ve been amazing and incredible. Your flow mindset work is really transformational and much needed. When you’ve got a grand vision and so much to do on many levels, it can be daunting sometimes. Making mindsets that set you up to proceed strategically is so important. Things that could appear to be obstacles are transformed in that place because knowing how to get wisdom from doubts helps you move forward. It’s like you’ve shown me how to put all the pieces of what I know to be true, about myself and my vision, into one place, so I can see what I’m doing from a completely new level. In my authentic self, my clarity and knowingness are so strong that I feel unstoppable in my purpose.

~ Anita, CEO, Leader in Educational and Organizational Change, Larvik, Norway

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Wow, I can't believe how overworked and overwhelmed I used to be. It was awful feeling disconnected from my vision. After discovering my genius zones and learning how to mindset to manifest, I’m working on whole new levels with confidence and focused flow, where things come naturally to me, even in things that used to be challenges. I’m doing my best work ever and more productive than I knew I could be.

I feel a massive shift in my vibration, into much higher, creative, lighter energy. I’m not criticizing or second-guessing myself like I used to. I’ve realigned with my purpose and business like never before. My intuitive self is so strong. I’m not only excited about attracting a perfect business mentor, I’m over the moon happy with the new amazing man in my life. I never imagined so many great things could happen all at once. A thousand thank you's Donnamarie!

~ Liz, Leader in Integrated Communications, Vancouver, Canada

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Working with Donnamarie made huge shifts for me and I got the results I wanted in spades. More ideal clients, more income, more free time and more sleep. Since I’ve been expanding my business, I was running into times when I was afraid to do some new marketing things in a big way including public speaking. It was draining my energy and being stuck was wasting my time.

I've worked with life and business coaches but they don't even come close to what Donnamarie does. Her energy, coupled with her unique process, is powerfully transformational. She’s highly focused and intuitive. I had huge AHAs during the training and the insights keep coming.

Now I notice habitual responses and my mindset pops up and opens up a new world of possibilities. I’m able to go for what I want from a place of no resistance and feel new flows happening. I love getting into my zones! I have a deep, inner conviction that I don’t remember having before, I feel excited and liberated. Working with Donnamarie has opened a whole new worldview so that I’m making different decisions and taking different actions that are creating exciting results in my business and my life, it’s definitely rocking my world.

~Karen, CEO, Leader in School Readiness Education, Victoria, Canada

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The mindset shift I experienced with Donnamarie's flow approach was purely amazing. I’ve been juggling a lot of things for many years and even though I’ve had my vision (of improving education, empowering children and teachers in Somaliland) for even longer, it was hard to see how I could really get my project to take off. Donnamarie is an amazing listener and her process is extraordinary. Now I know how to transform the intangible into doable. I feel like I’ve got an unshakable and inspiring platform with the unprecedented clarity and focus I need to bring my vision to fruition. I’ve been able to narrow down my vision and realign it. I'm clear on what I want and connecting to opportunities and possibilities. Within days of experiencing my new flow mindset, things started to shift. The things that were holding me back aren’t there anymore and I’ve been seizing golden opportunities that I used to watch go by. I’m energized and excited because as I’m now compelled to strategically reach out, people are contacting me to find out how they can get involved!

~ Nura, NGO Co-Founder, Leader in Education Leadership.  Hargeisa, Somaliland


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I highly recommend this work! I chose to work with Donnamarie because I’ve known that there’s a part of me that was holding my creativity back but I hadn’t found a way to figure out what it was, even though I’ve done a lot of workshops and experienced a variety of healing modalities. Her flowstate-mindset process is revolutionary. Finding the key to my creative process is a remarkable gift and it’s having a lasting effect on both my work and life. I’m a writer wanting to finish a book I’ve been working on for a few years and I was continually distracting myself. I didn’t want to ‘will’ myself to finish it, because for me, that cuts off my creative energies. I wanted to find the why of that distracted part and be able to focus when I choose to. Since working with her, my focus has been amazing and I feel in control of my productivity. Donnamarie makes the experience of finding 'the best of who you can be' seem like your destiny has just been waiting there for you to show up.  

Mindsets On Demand™ is much more than just coaching. It sounds like it’s going to be a head process, but it isn’t. Donnamarie has an incredible way to integrate body and mind, and go beyond our conscious controls to show us how to find our flow zones. She’s like the trailblazer or guide, who listens attentively to what you said you wanted, and forges ahead to the place where you can discover exactly what you were looking for, even, and especially, when you didn’t know where it is. She is your safety cord, the feeling that you can let go and relax, that she will make sure you get where you need to go. Now I know what to do if little “miss distracted” shows up, and she has a few times, to get her back into focus again. Getting into my creative space is so easy now. It’s also opened up other avenues of my creative process and I no longer work from the place of being on task because now I can tune into the source and flow of my true inspiration.

~ Hazel, Writer and Leader in Spiritual Living, Vancouver, Canada

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