Donnamarie Jurick


Action Adventure Athlete, high performance coach, Trainers' Trainer,


Exploring her potentials into death defying moments as an action adventure athlete in the remote wilderness taught Donnamarie the focused awareness, kinesthetic and emotional acuity to distill the pure essence of mindsets, and achieve flow states in the blink of an eye.

She 's invented an accelerated process to optimize leadership, performance, creativity and fulfillment. Mindsets On Demand™ Training is about getting your Flow States & Mindsets That Matter™ on Demand. She teaches these high performance and advanced flow intelligence skills to entrepreneurs who want to play at the top of their game, accelerate successes and live more of the life they love. 

Her work is based on neuroscience research and top notch training in bodymind science and healing from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine from experts including: Caroline Myss, Dr. Christiane Northrup and the late Dr. Valerie Hunt.

In her action packed journey on the planet so far, she's paddled over 2,000 kms of whitewater rivers, skied about 10,000 kms, done 29 sports and is expert in six. Along the way, she's reinvented herself in 27 different positions across 15 job sectors. Donnamarie believes the beauty in what we love is how we feel and when we feel on our game – in the zone – in our flow states – we feel magically alive.

As an international Trainers’ Trainer, coach and educator, she's been contributing to professional and personal development for over 10 years for an array of firms and organizations, from start-ups to government and multinationals.

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live the life you love.



I used to think changing mindsets was a lot of work. Like you had to go into your mind and dig through stacks of old beliefs. Then figure out which ones to work with and find the way to actually change them.

Whew, I get overwhelmed just thinking about all that.

I really wanted to figure out what mindsets are all about though, because I knew they are the keys to exploring your potentials, and experiencing happiness and freedom. 

I deeply desired to understand the relationship between one’s inner and outer game, and experience true fulfillment. So I chose action-adventure sports and wilderness exploring as ways to do that with measurable results.


I loved sports as a kid and my dreams of becoming an Olympic figure skater were crushed when I was 14.  I had to wear a body cast (collarbones to hips) for grades 9 to 11 when I was diagnosed with scoliosis, plus I already had braces on my teeth. Being ambushed with emotional harassment in school and physically restrained as an active, adventurous teenager — on top of my frustration with the politicking of coaches — catapulted me into the outdoors where none of that stuff could hold me back on my quest for accomplishment and self-fulfillment.

Nature taught me:

  • When you're outback skiing, jump off a ledge and knock yourself out, it's not the snow's fault. It indicates your perception or alignment were off.
  • When you’re in a perfect moment in a remote stunning location standing beside a tree and you’re upset about something, it’s not the tree’s fault. It indicates you're missing the moment of Now.
  • When you stay your course paddling through breathtaking rapids, biking down extreme rock faces in Moab and survive the undertows of the Mexican indicates you're on your game and in your zone because your mindset game is strong.

This is the essence of Mindsets On Demand™ training.

Outdoors I could experience pure nature and pure me — practice pure mindsets and flow.

Flow States - Flow Mindsets
Learning to make mindsets that matter and get into flow states happened during my first do or die experience in the wilds of Canada’s north.

It’s taken me years to understand the extent of my integrated bodymind approach to getting into flow states on demand. I’ve invested tons of money and a couple of decades into learning mindbody science and healing, spirituality, and consciousness practices.

Now I’ve developed effective and down-to-earth frameworks to teach them to you.



I know about navigating challenge and change, reinventing yourself, doing what matters, embracing possibilities and potentials, and upping the adventure-fun factor in life. I’m an only child who moved around a lot with my zoologist dad and registered nurse mom. By the time I was 15, I had moved 8 times — attended six schools in two countries. I had to handle a lot of big changes from a young age.

Being continually introduced to new people, places and things always had me expanding my comfort zones. This process grew my curiosity into an intrinsic quest for adventure, propelling me to reinvent myself and excel in 27 different positions across 15 job sectors, live in 25 locations, move more times than that; while pursuing my love of sports, art, nature, self-awareness and spirituality.

Having the right kind of mindsets at the right time and using flow states has connected me to amazing and extraordinary experiences so I can live the life I love.

Like What?

Here's a few.....

  • Self-guiding and canoeing over 2200 kms of whitewater rivers in the wilds of the Yukon.
  • Crosscountry and outback skiing at least 10,000 kms — like going from Alaska to New Mexico.
  • Co-founding the first Waldorf Kindergarten in northern Canada.
  • Working at a remote camp in grizzly country...carrying a shotgun and balancing on a log to cross a river from my 'tree house' to work every day.
  • Surviving being a hostage for an afternoon during guerilla warfare in Guatemala — when my son was 4, then sleeping in a tent at the foot of the rumbling Fuego volcano with gunfire close by.
  • Curing myself of life threatening asthma to cats in 45 minutes, after suffering with that for 26 years.
  • Home-schooling my son in grade 1 — he learned math with card games, leaf cutter ants and a stop watch... now he’s one of the youngest finance executives in Vancouver.
  • Being recognized as a top corporate trainer at a multinational firm in Mexico within a few months.
  • Practicing shamanism — one of the coolest vision quests I've done involved taking medicine drums into a lava tube under Mt. Shasta and wading through a metre of volcanic ash to get to a cave.
  • So far I’ve done 29 sports and am expert in five.




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