You'll find products recommended here that I use and trust. Please know that a commission on affiliate links on this page will be sent my way. High five to these genius creators  for helping to support our Flowfillment.


I've been using these Yamuna body rolling balls over 20 years. They're the best acupressure tools ever!   I always need a way to facilitate flexibility in my core, arms and legs, and soothe the tension of the scoliosis in my back. The 2 small balls are so versatile, not just for your legs, and great for travelling.

I've tried a gazillion protein powders over the years and this pea based protein powder packed with greens and micronutrients hands down gets my vote at the best mindbody food for clarity and energy, workout recovery and meal replacement product ever! Lots of great flavours too.


Brain Sync Audios by Kelly Howell



I've been a fan of Kelly Howell's Brainsync audios for a long time because I love the binaural beat brainwave infusion that balances our brain and brilliantly guided meditations are food for our bodymind. I especially find them a must when travelling – they pretty much saved my sanity when I was trying to get sleep in a casita and the neighbour was hammering cement on the other side of my bedroom wall.  

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